Italy will always have a very special place in my heart. My husband proposed to me in Rome, on the 9th of July 2011. I remember this day so well and I owe my dear friend Amrita so much for it. We planned a weekend getaway in Rome to meet up with two other friends from Paris: Charlotte and Sam. It was my favourite girls’ holiday and Rome was the perfect city to visit because it has the best balance between culture, fun, shopping, good weather, and of course sublime food. I will never believe you if you tell me you had a bad gelato or horrible pizza in Italy. Italians are also very fond of quality over quantity and they are very proud of their cuisine and country.

We were lucky enough to know a couple of locals who took us to lovely restaurants for dinner every night. We were determined to avoid the tourist traps and I am happy we did. I wish I could remember the names of those restaurants but till then, enjoy my posts on Pescara, Lake Como and Milan for now.