London: the city I live in with my husband, a place I started calling home a couple of years ago only because of the fact the Youssef and I live here.

As must as I am not the biggest fan of English weather, cuisine or culture, I must admit that London is an amazing food hub, with probably the widest range of cuisines in the world. It is home to some really good Michelin star restaurants, to incredible street food and to pretty tasty every day (reasonably priced) restaurants, pubs and bars.

My love for London’s food started on my first lunch date with Youssef at Borough Market back in April 2010. I can’t think of a person who’s been to Borough Market and didn’t like it. I always get so confused when I go there because I simply want to try everything. I must admit that the fresh produce there (fruits and vegetables) are over-priced compared to most supermarkets in London but the freshly cooked food is delicious. They’ve expanded it a lot since my first time there and it keeps getting better and better each time I go. I can probably go on and on about Borough Market but I’ll probably dedicate a page to it with lots of photos and suggestions.

More recently though, I started discovering more places in London with delicious food and my list of restaurants I want to try grows every day. I have become a bit of a food snob since I eat out a lot and I do expect a minimum from the places I try so don’t be surprised if I’m a bit critical. Obviously, I will be sharing my own personal opinion so if you don’t agree, feel free to comment and give your point of view. It would be great to know what you think too!

PS: I’ve been on a hunt for the best burger in London so expect a lot of burger-related posts.